Victoria Tourism Week

1 - 6 September 2014

The Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) and Destination Melbourne understand that tourism touches everyone.
We want all Victorians to get a closer understanding of how tourism works and have the opportunity to participate.

Through Victoria Tourism Week we aim to:

- Profile and celebrate the value of the visitor economy

- Increase community engagement with the tourism and events industry

- Build industry capacity

- Strengthen industry connections throughout 
the state and with governments

Victoria Tourism Week is an industry led initiative.
Use this week to connect, identify opportunities and celebrate the unique and rewarding business the tourism industry is.

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Applications to host a Victoria Tourism Week event

Tourism operators and organisations will be invited to host a Victoria Tourism Week event or activity in 2014 that will help to achieve the aims of the program.

Invitations for groups to express an interest will open in January 2014.

Victoria Tourism Week - Profile Events:

Monday 1 September

Victoria Tourism Week Leadership Dinner

Hosted by VTIC - More details coming soon.

Tuesday 2 September

Melbourne Tourism Industry Exchange

Hosted by Destination Melbourne - More details coming soon.

Wednesday 4 September

Local Council Tourism Breakfast

Hosted by Destination Melbourne - More details coming soon.

Get involved in week long activities:

Become A Tourism Champion

Various locations
Ever noticed that you suddenly become a local expert when your friends and family visit? You go to the attractions, take the tours and enjoy the best local produce.
Essentially, you’re an unofficial local ambassador.

Hosted by Visitor Information Centres across Victoria - More details coming soon.


Regional Business Events

There will also be a range of regional business events across the state before, during and after Victoria Tourism Week.
Hosted by Regional Tourism Boards across Victoria - More details coming soon.

Victoria Tourism Week

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