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Best job in Victoria to boost youth tourism, jobs

05 /03/ 2013 Comments are Closed

Victoria will be showcased to the world through a camera lens in a move that is set to grant an international visitor their dream job, and promote the state internationally.

Victoria Tourism Industry Council (VTIC) Chief Executive Dianne Smith says the $4 million Tourism Australia campaign launched today, ‘Best job in the world’, will profile Victoria through the state’s ‘best job’, a Lifestyle Photographer.

“We’re very fortunate to have such a role to offer, as well as to reap the benefits that this role will afford Victoria,” says Ms Smith. “Not only will this person be cataloguing their journey in Victoria, the rest of the world will get a real insight into our state through the images they will take. They will no doubt spread across the world rapidly, profiling the diverse experiences and magnificent landscape we have to offer.”

The campaign will target the international youth market which last year contributed nearly $12 billion in tourism spending and a quarter of all Australia’s international visitors.

“Young international visitors are an important target market for Australian tourism, as are the friends and relatives they encourage to visit,” says Ms Smith. “Youth travellers also stay for longer and tend to disperse more widely throughout the country than most other segments.

“We anticipate the campaign will adopt a positive ‘viral’ persona through its strong visual presence, and we hope that, through social media, this will continue to promote Victoria internationally.”

The campaign aims to lift the number of Working Holiday Makers (WHM) in Australia by 20 per cent, supported by an online jobs board on which tourism operators can profile job vacancies.

“We particularly welcome this campaign in light of the Federal Government’s disappointing recent increase in the cost of a WHM visa which has added to the perception of Australia as an expensive destination,” says Ms Smith.

“We urge the Government to increase the maximum age for people applying for the WHM visa from 30 to 35 years to further build on the positive step this campaign represents.

“This is an exciting opportunity created by Tourism Australia and Tourism Victoria that is already being warmly embraced by the Victorian tourism industry.”


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