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Business excellence, best explained

02 /04/ 2015 Comments are Closed

Victoria Tourism Awards celebration 2014

Success in the RACV Victorian Tourism Awards doesn’t depend on whether you’re big or small. It depends on your vision, achieving your business goals and, as a result, the excellent way your tourism product or service is finally delivered.

It also depends on how well you tell your story. While it’s interesting to benchmark against other operators, the awards process boils down to what you set out to do, measuring your business performance year-on-year, and then writing a succinct and engaging submission that articulates this.

In Victoria we are fortunate to have some excellent operators and we congratulate those who were recognised at the recent Australian Tourism Awards in Adelaide; we were very pleased to see the number of Victorian winners increase this year.

I will share with you, however, that I often feel our state and national tourism industry awards programs are misunderstood. This is an observation, not a criticism, as I am a huge fan of both and VTIC is delighted to be managing the Victorian program this year.

However, having just returned from the national awards in Adelaide, I have noted how the media and some industry members focus heavily on comparing product experiences rather than business excellence.

While describing the product is part of a winning entry in this submission-based program, it is demonstrating excellent business practices that lead to excellent business outcomes that is crucial.

By moving the focus from the product to the business, it means that you can be acknowledged as a winner regardless of whether you are a small or large business, a ‘mum and dad’ operator or part of a multi-national chain.

Articulating your business processes and results is a smart way for small and new businesses to monitor their progress and enhance their profile, as well as to benchmark against others.

It’s all about ‘business excellence, best explained’.

So, if you’re thinking of improving your business, why not use the Victorian Tourism Awards program to help you? There are more preparatory workshops to come, so please contact VTIC or your regional tourism board for information.


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The peak body for Victoria's tourism and events industry, VTIC represents key industry associations and operators, with over 2,000 members.


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