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VTIC Webinar Series

VTIC supports the development of our members and all businesses in the tourism and events industry.

VTIC hosts regular FREE webinars, with recordings available shortly after each.

We partner with our members to utilise their expertise and provide a series of webinars to further develop industry skills and knowledge, no matter where you are. Topics covered during the webinars are of relevance and benefit to tourism and events businesses.

See below for upcoming Webinars and past recordings.

Our member database contains high quality experts in many fields. We welcome all members to propose and prepare a Webinar, with VTIC as host. Please get in touch to propose your webinar.

Past Webinars

Across our sector, we all feel the pain of the struggle to find an adequate and qualified workforce to satisfy the growing demands of our industry. Victoria University recently announced the launch of the School For the Visitor Economy at our Forum on the 26 February. This month’s webinar will give you the chance to see first-hand how this innovative concept will re-imagine what training and education in our sector looks like.

Hear ReviewPro Sales Director Avril Carter explain how to keep your customers coming back for more with ReviewPro. ReviewPro is the world-leader in Guest Intelligence, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of your businesses reputation performance.

ReviewPro provides insights to increase your guest satisfaction, collating your rankings across over 200 reputable review sites/OTAs. All Quality Tourism Accredited operators now have ReviewPro included in their accreditation.

The increasing cost of OTA commission structures is a very hot topic!

Listen to Tamie Matthews of RevenYou tackle this question, and explore distribution via commercial digital channels versus direct bookings. Tamie is joined by VTIC Chief Executive Felicia Mariani and Yering Gorge Cottages’ Sales & Marketing Manager, Tracy Hore who share their own experiences in facing this critical issue, and present key insights to improve your bottom line.

Martin Anderson of Tourism Research Technology presents Gulliver, the real time tourist tracking platform that is set to change the way you think gathering and analysing data on tourist behaviour.

This webinar covers:

– How real-time tracking stacks up against paper-based surveys

– What influences tourist behaviour while they are in your region

– A sneak peek at a some very new data from a recent project

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Australian Privacy Act 1988 have many shared common requirements however there are some notable differences, a key one being certain rights of individuals including “the right to be forgotten” which do not have an equivalent right under the Privacy Act.

This webinar covers:

  1. A summary overview of the GDPR rules and obligations and why and how it may be applicable to your business;
  2. Examples of marketing or business conduct that your business may ordinarily conduct which may fall within the scope of liability under these new provisions; and
  3. How the Victorian tourism industry can obtain more information to understand its presence in the EU Market and where it can obtain more information about safeguarding their businesses against a breach

Does your business have a project that needs attention? No time to finish that project? Capture the best student talent before your competitors do! Consider our Internship Program.

We’ve heard from our members, universities and recruiters that there needs to be more paid work experience opportunities for students to ensure they’re work-ready when they graduate.

Our Internship program is turning this around by incentivising our members to employ an intern to build a highly skilled, adaptive and productive workforce for the future.

You’ll learn…

  1. How to bring on an intern is 3 easy steps
  2. The key benefits of participating in the program
  3. How to access the member-only benefit of $3000 to support the cost, and
  4. About our member experiences!

China is already Australia’s most valuable tourism market. Over the next decade, the number of visitors is expected to soar to more than 3.3 million a year. China’s travellers, especially millennials, are becoming upwardly mobile and adventurous and are seeking unique holiday experiences. In a globally competitive travel market, Australia must ensure that its customer service standards meet the expectations of Chinese visitors.

Presented by VTIC partners Asialink Business’ China Practice and web partner Webfirm.

Forming an alliance with the right competitor can allow your small business to grow and market itself as a safe, more powerful entity.

Learn how to develop industry relationships for competitive advantage, understand what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to using your competition to strengthen your brand, learn how to change your perspective and see your competitors as partners and what steps you can take to develop sustainable partnerships and how to network for success.

Applicable to a whole range of tourism businesses, transform your relationships into business growth.

Presented by VTIC partner Monarch Institute and web partner Webfirm.

Could your business survive a serious injury to a customer?

Personal injury law firms are constantly chasing new clients with business operators being caught in their cross hairs. This third webinar for 2018 will welcome Adroit Insurance Group to take us through the ins and outs of active risk management.

What will your key takeaways be?

  • How do liability waivers work to reduce the financial consequences of a personal injury claim
  • Keep signed waivers for at least 3 years
  • Waivers do not apply to property damage
  • Warning signs need to be specific

Brought to you in partnership with VTIC Member Adroit Insurance Group and Web Partner Webfirm.

Presenters Chatterbox Marketing offered participants practical advice on using PR to tell their unique story.

With their strong entrepreneurial spirit, Chatterbox are very comfortable helping tourism businesses with their creative projects including destination marketing, cultural projects, event PR, media and campaign management.

Brought to you In partnership with digital marketing company Webfirm, and VTIC member Chatterbox Marketing.

Keeping up to date with developments in employment law should be a priority for all businesses today.

The Fair Work Commission makes a range of decisions on issues such as unfair dismissal, bullying and dispute settlement which are relevant to all workplaces. This webinar focuses on recent Commission decisions which guide the way businesses should address workplace issues, the processes that should be applied when considering what action to take and the potential consequences of failing to do so properly.

This webinar covers: 

  • Updates on recent unfair dismissal, stop-bullying and adverse action cases
  • Dos and don’ts when investigating workplace issues
  • The Commission’s discretion when taking into account “any other relevant matters”
  • The consequences of getting it wrong
  • Tips and tricks for businesses of all sizes
  • Important developments in the use of fixed-term contracts

Brought to you in partnership with Richard Williams and the experienced team from the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Workplace Relations Team and digital marketing company Webfirm.

Understand what 360 virtual marketing is, why Virtual Tours are more effective than video and photos combined and how it has the power to take your business’ marketing activities to the next level.

Virtacom’s Managing Director Jason Swaffield takes the audience through how to create 360 marketing content, with examples of where it is being used, how it applies directly to your business, and shows the results of virtual media in business today. With clients like Novotel Melbourne at St Kilda, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Melbourne Zoo, Virtacom understand the tourism industry.

The growth of virtual marketing has increased 180% this year alone, so don’t miss out on understanding the most powerful form of marketing available to your business.

What will your takeaways be?

  • An understanding of why you need virtual media marketing for your business
  • Why it is one of the most effective forms of marketing now available
  • What the best virtual media type is for your business
  • An exclusive VTIC members-only offer (for a limited time) for support from Virtacom in creating your business virtual marketing

Brought to you in partnership with VTIC member Virtacom and digital marketing company Webfirm,

Maybe you’re seeking to invest in capital, boost the productivity of your staff, perhaps wanting to increase your business competitiveness or looking to find the right staff for your business?

The webinar covers:

  • The best places to search for the right government grant for you
  • Standard eligibility criteria for grants
  • Hints and tips on what makes a grant application successful.

Brought to you in partnership with AusIndustry, the Australian Government’s Department of Employment and VTIC’s digital marketing company Webfirm.

Australia is receiving phenomenal tourism and education growth from China. The education growth in particular has meant that more and more Chinese students are living and studying in Australia, adding to existing residents with the result being a burgeoning Chinese community in Australia.

It is important that the Victorian tourism industry does not ignore this growing (local) market segment – there are many opportunities for business growth. This one hour webinar will assist you in making the Chinese residents your brand ambassadors and how you can leverage them to reach the overseas market in mainland China.

The webinar covers:

  • The importance of reaching Chinese residents and international students;
  • Latest Chinese Market Trends;
  • Recommendations on how to engage Chinese residents;
  • How to capture Chinese visitors when they arrive; and
  • How to integrate Chinese Social Media and Payment Facilities into your strategy

Brought to you in partnership with VTIC members Sherry Link Communications, and digital marketing company Webfirm.

Search engine optimisation and online marketing should be a priority for all businesses today.

This webinar focuses on the importance of optimising your website so it is at the top of Google’s search results. If you are not engaging in regular activity to maintain and improve your rankings you are likely being left behind by your competition.

The webinar covers: 

  • SEO then and now
  • The Google search page explained
  • The technical basic elements your business must adhere to
  • How to ensure you are reporting your Google search rankings accurately
  • Content marketing and how the landscape has changed
  • Additional elements which help improve your Google search rankings
  • 99% of all businesses have a website. It is imperative that it is optimised correctly so you maximise your return on investment. This is a must attend event for all businesses who have a website.

Brought to you in partnership with VTIC’s digital marketing company Webfirm.

This webinar focuses on the issue of soft skills – personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people.

The webinar covers:

  • An understanding of the context of soft skills in tourism
  • An awareness of how soft skills may be deployed to improve business profitability and stakeholder relationships; and
  • An understanding of how soft skills impact staff engagement, collaboration and innovation

Brought to you by The 3e Factor The Power of Human Energy and Webfirm.

This webinar gives entrants in the 2017 RACV Victorian Tourism Awards the opportunity to hear what makes a ‘winning’ entry at both state and national level.

The webinar covers:

  • Insights from an experienced judge
  • Information on the new ‘online entry process’ implemented in 2017
  • The benefits of entering, including business achievements, growth and sustainability

Presented by Michael Hamilton, VTIC and Webfirm

Google Analytics for the Tourism Industry focuses on the topic of analytics and reporting tools and specifically how you can utilise the power of Google Analytics.

The webinar covers:

  • All of the basic 101 functions of Google Analytics
  • The different channels of your website traffic and what each channel means to you
  • Where we can analyse your website visitors’ behaviour
  • Where to gain informed insights into the demographics of your visitors
  • Exactly how to set and accurately track relevant goals to report lead conversion
  • Real time reporting of traffic to your website
  • How to set up monthly reporting.

Presented by Webfirm.

Brand yourself, not your product explores personal brands as an opportunity to sell who you are and what you are all about. The webinar answers the following questions:

  • Who is your niche or target market?
  • What are you providing, what is your unique point of difference?
  • How will your brand add value?

Brought to you by Jo-Anne Grist.