The Lynette Bergin Tourism Award is a grant for an individual seeking professional and personal growth, and for someone who strives to benefit the Victorian tourism and events industry.

The Award offers up to $8,000 for the recipient to undertake an industry-related case study, and a further $1,000 for the recipient’s employer. The Lynette Bergin Tourism Award promotes excellence among young people and new entrants working in the private sector of the Victorian tourism and events industry.

In naming the Award in honour of Lynette Bergin, VTIC seeks to perpetuate the skills and contribution Lynette made to the industry and celebrate the guiding hand she offered to many new recruits.


About Lynette Bergin (1953 – 2004)

The tourism industry will remember Lynette Bergin in lots of ways; someone who always got into the swing of an event – a silly hat, dressed as the plum pudding or the Christmas tree or trailing a bright blue boa.

Lynette always left an impression and usually in brightly coloured shoes! In the early 1990s, she provided a role model for many new and emerging tourism businesses. Lynette encouraged them all to integrate more fun into the sales process and the product message from Victoria became wrapped into a variety of entertainment themes. The enthusiasm with which the industry responded to these ideas was testament to their success and Lynette’s commitment to professionalism.

She was the consummate salesperson; she built her networks into family friends, with annual festivities and family celebrations. Lynette was where the business was – out in the marketplace not behind her desk.

Above all, she was a caring and compassionate person, loyal to tourism and to her workmates in an industry that she loved. She showed incredible dedication to her employer and to the tourism industry and regardless of her commitment to her job she always found time to mentor and guide the newest tourism recruits.

Tutelage in Lynette’s care always included gentle guidance, education on the industry protocols and a long-remembered example of how to enjoy every moment of your job and your life. Lynette’s family are proud that her involvement and contribution to the tourism industry will be recognised through this Tourism Fellowship Award.