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VTIC Insight Series – Connecting through Facebook

june, 2020

16jun1:00 pm2:00 pmVTIC Insight Series - Connecting through Facebook1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Online

Event Details

Visit Victoria and VTIC have collaborated to bring Facebook’s global experience and insights to share with the Victorian tourism industry in next week’s instalment of the VTIC Insight Series.

In this session, Facebook’s Paul Nahoun (Head of Travel- Aus & NZ), Fiachra O’Grady (Client Partner-Travel) and Natalie Parton (Client Solutions Manager-Travel) shared tips and learnings to support using Facebook’s platforms as part of your digital marketing strategy.


  • Top traveller behaviour trends and insights
  • Tips and tools to connect with travellers
  • COVID-19 traveller outreach: traveller motivations and mindsets
  • Self-train resources.





The Facebook team have graciously provided the answers to your unanswered questions from the session and additional resources below:


Can you give 3 top tips on how to use Stories effectively for a travel operator?

  1. Full Screen Creative: Give your audience an immersive full screen experience with vertical format (dimensions 9:16)
  2. Videos or Motion: While using Video is recommended, even adding motion to your stories can capture attention and deliver a stronger breakthrough. One easy option is adding gifs
  3. Use elements like Location Tags and Hashtags in your stories (these are called “interactive elements). Ensure your business / region is registered for the location tag

More creative tips

Case studies on stories

Webinar on mobile-friendly video tips for travel

Stories School: Tips and Tricks for Organic Stories 

Are stories more “sticky” than IgTV?

Both serve different purposes and can appeal to different types of video watchers – stories appeal to ‘on-the-go’ viewers, tend to be more interactive and fun as it allows you to build in engagement e.g. polls

IGTV allows for longer form content so you can reach more engaged viewers and deliver a longer, immersive video message

More info here and here.



How do you follow hashtags on Instagram and Facebook? 

You can follow hashtags on Instagram to stay connected with interests you care about.

To follow a hashtag:

  • Tap any hashtag (example: #flower) you see on Instagram.
  • Tap Follow. Once you follow a hashtag, you’ll see its photos and videos appear in feed.

Can you find ‘trending’ hashtags on Instagram and Facebook like on Twitter?

Currently, you can’t find this as a list, but by looking at the “Explore” page in Instagram you can see the most popular posts and videos that are currently trending and then see what they may be using. Remember that Explore is highly curated though so these will be the most trending posts around your interests.

How many hashtags should you use- can you use too many?

You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags, however, we’d recommend just running 3-5 of the most relevant ones


For more information on hashtags on Facebook, please see this link.



What is the benefit of using “live” instead of recording a video and posting it?

Both have different purposes and are effective in reaching travellers.  Recorded/Produced Video still makes up the majority of outreach and live should be utilised for specific purposes


  • Taps into real-time traveller mindset/behaviour, is a little less rehearsed/produced, adds authenticity and excitement as it feels “in more real-time”. Live allows you to respond to comments and questions from your viewers real-time and interact with your audience real-time over the live.
  • You can post a recorded Live video after the fact to get more reach

NOTE: If you are shooting on a phone:

Recorded Video:

  • Allows for more control of the message, editing of content (for example pulling together different places/experiences or different times of day), production and ease of posting and responding to comments whenever you feel like uploading



Can we create a location in Instagram so that our brand can be tagged as the location when guests are posting?

IG Locations are powered by FB places. Add your location/address to your Facebook page, and make sure check-ins are enabled. A new place can take up to 5-7 days to appear in check-ins, tagging and search on both FB and IG. Locations on FB and IG have to match name wise for this to work.


Desktop integration

Can Instagram be used on a desktop? E.g. photographer using a DSLR (MAC operating system) wanting to upload pics from desktop. 

It can be used on desktop, but the mobile app will give the best experience and has the most features. To go to your Instagram page on desktop, go to instagram.com/*yourinstagramhandle*



Facebook has internal caption tools to add to videos, does Instagram? Or do we need to do it ourselves?

Currently there isn’t a native tool that will allow you to do this, you’d need to add them using a third-party tool and then upload to IG.



How can the travel sector be supported like the hospitality sector on Instagram? E.g. they now have “order food” tab on Instagram. 

We’re always looking for ways to improve and expand our product offering for businesses and will continue to develop future products to streamline customer journeys

Currently you can add the following call-to-action buttons to your business account on Instagram:

  • Book: Book an appointment.
  • Reserve: Make a reservation at a restaurants
  • Get Tickets: Get tickets for an event.
  • Gift Cards: Buy gift cards for a business
  • Order Food: Get food delivery or take-out from a business
  • Donate: Share a Facebook fundraiser link for a business.

Do these strategies and principles etc work for EVENTS not just brands or businesses?

Yes, the best practices apply across all types of businesses and services. Remember the basics, such as having a “digital welcome centre” and getting your brand or event name out there, using creative that catches the eye, making it easy to get information etc. We also have Event ads if your Event is hosted on Facebook too. Click here for more information.


Data and insights

Can we get the latest demographic data for the 2 platforms (i.e. who is actually predominantly on these apps)?

You can get further insights on audiences and platforms here.





(Tuesday) 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm




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