The Visitor Information Services (VIS) Summit is the yearly meeting place for all VIS personnel, economic development staff and regional tourism bodies. 

Delving deep into the customer experience, the Summit program features professional development sessions, case study presentations, keynotes and opportunities to learn from others. 

Delegates also benefit from regional familiarisation tours that showcase the host region and spread product knowledge throughout Victoria.

The VIS Summit aims to:

  • Provide updates on matters that affect the tourism industry and specifically the management of Visitor Information Services

  • Provide a forum to share knowledge, practical experiences and innovation for visitor services 

  • Strengthen networks and build relationships among individuals, businesses, regions and local areas where tourism is a key economic driver

  • Examine the business values and practices needed to remain competitive and to provide professional visitor information services

  • Encourage ongoing support for sustainable tourism growth in Victoria.


The VIS Summit takes place in August annually.