By informing visitors of what to do and see and where to stay, the Victorian network of Visitor Information Services (VIS) facilitate and curate visitors’ time in a region. 

They encourage them to stay longer, explore further and experience more. 

Research on VIS in Victoria, New South Wales and Canada has shown that strong VIS increase the amount of money visitors spend in a region and also contribute to dispersal. 


Accredited Visitor Information Centres in Victoria

There are currently 66 Accredited Visitor Information Centres throughout Victoria.

To find and contact your nearest accredited Visitor Information Centre, you can search the Accredited Visitor Information Servicing Centres directory



When you see the yellow italicised “i” with a blue background you can be assured it is a registered trademark and can only be used by a fully accredited VIS.

The accreditation program for Visitor Information Services in Victoria is managed by VTIC through the Quality Tourism Framework.

Accreditation through this program allows VIS to use the nationally recognised trademark, (yellow italicised “i” on blue background) by adhering to risk, quality control and customer service principles.

VTIC manages the trademark on behalf of the Victorian Government and also works closely with the State’s VIS Network.

For further information on accreditation, contact us on (03) 7035 5700 or email


Visitor Information Services Portal

VTIC provides vital information to accredited Visitor Information Service providers including news, forums and resources through the VIS Portal.